I have a cat bite on my finger. What should I do?

Answer You'll be fine, you already cleaned it and it will heal up in a day or two.

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I have this bug bite on my finger?

It sounds like it's just a mosquito bite but if you think it is something more put some anti-itch cream on it and ice it to make it numb. If it's still swollen by tomorrow you need to go to the doc... Read More »

I have a bump on my finger well the side of my finger (the finger next to my pointer finger)?

if it is on your middle then it is because of your pen/pencil it shows you wright a lot and intelligence

I think i have a spider bite what should i do?

Get to the ER or doctor soon. There are some poisonous spiders and their bite can be very detrimental...

I have a mosquito bite on my wrist. It itches like crazy. What should I do?

1. Wash the infected area with soap and water as soon as you recognize that you've been bitten. Try to keep the site clean and dry until the irritation abates.2. Avoid scratching. Although a m... Read More »