I have a cat and some tonic water... what else do i need for catatonic?

Answer Hold your genitals close to the cat's claws.Pour tonic on cat.Voila! You're catatonic!

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Hey ladies that remember me and everyone else. Need some advice...?

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Does tonic water glow in the dark?

Tonic water does not glow in the dark by itself. If put under a black light, however, tonic water will glow because it contains a small amount of quinine--originally added to tonic water to help wa... Read More »

Will tonic water make a cake glow in the dark?

Quinine, one of the chemicals found in tonic water, will glow when under a black light. You can mix tonic water with your frosting to give the cake a glowing effect.References:Chem Fax: Fluorescen... Read More »

How to Make Face Tonic From Rose Water & Glycerin?

Commercial skincare products often contain a bewildering list of unpronounceable ingredients, which may or may not be good for your skin or the environment. Traditional herbalists use a variety of ... Read More »