I have a canon BJ-30 printer. It just prints a blank page each time. Could anyone tell what's wrong here ?

Answer probably out of ink or cartridge not installed properly, however, here is link to the Cannon download library ... good luck

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My printer prints a blank page in between each printed page.?

This sounds like your printer or printer driver thinks that the document you're sending is at least slightly larger/longer than what paper is available and is trying to print the rest of the page o... Read More »

My printer prints out a test page every time I turn it on.?

If you have the same problem I did, you have changed ink cartridges and it wants to do an alignment procedure. It won't give up until it does. So, just once should be all that is necessary, feed it... Read More »

My printer only prints blank pages!?

A color or photo cartridge has run out of one of the basic colors it mixes together to create the colors in your images. The printer cannot print correctly if it lacks one of the basic colors, even... Read More »

Printer prints blank pages?

That is a driver issue. Go to the printers website and download the updated driver. Adobe is very fussy and you should have at least, tell me the model and make. It would have helped in my answer L... Read More »