I have a camera/videocamera that is made by!?

Answer Ok. Does this use mini DV tapes? If so, plug the camcorder into your pc using a firewire/IEEE 1394 cable, open Windows Movie Maker, (you use a windows right?), then press capture video in the top l... Read More »

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What have you found that has made your feet have better circulation?

Walking at least 30 minutes per day. At first your feet will swell for a few hours afterwards, and then after about 2 weeks -- the circulation in your feet will be fine. -- Try it -- what can you ... Read More »

I have sewing machine. It was probably purchased in the 60's. I have learned that it was made in Japan.?

Have you tried buying a new sewing machine? when I purchased a new one, performance and and results were amazing! you could avoid all these problems, also the performance is very differentI think y... Read More »

There has been recent news clippings on errors in judgment that the CIA made in keeping the US Army appraised of issues that might have precluded going to war with the Korea. Are you aware of such in?

In a way they are. It really depends on the assignment the agency has given them.

How to Understand the Changes That Wikis Have Made in Today's Culture?

Those that contribute to a wiki, of any type, know that it has altered their lives in one fashion or another. This article is to help you understand the difference that it makes and will continue t... Read More »