I have a buzzing ear?

Answer Hey, this sounds a lot like tinnitus. My cousin has this because he is a dj and constantly around loud music and this causes buzzing p and one pitch music tones in his ear. People with tinnitus can... Read More »

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I have an old Teisco Del Rey guitar that makes a fuzzy/buzzing noise.?

can't say for certain but there is usually a small screw above and below the pickup you loosen or tighten to move the pickup up/down.the buzzing is likely from a bad ground. that could be anywhere ... Read More »

I have a 32" tv that is making a short high pitched buzzing noise every couple minutes. Can I fix it?

Please don't take the back of the tv off good chance you will get killed that way you probably have a ground problem make sure your cable or/and house is grounded good try to plug the tv into a dif... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Buzzing on a TV?

The speakers on a television set are puny compared with stand-alone models and, as a result, are more susceptible to electrical noise and power-grid interference. Sometimes this can create a buzzin... Read More »

Why is my guitar amp buzzing?

Buzz in a guitar amp can be caused by many things. A buzz is usually an indication of a grounding problem in the amp, but there are other issues that can create a buzz in a guitar amp as well.Groun... Read More »