I have a bruise that is all down my calf that is hot to the touch. What is this?

Answer Bruises don't walk down the ankle, but may appear larger and darker after a few days. I would go to the doctor since it sounds like an infection.

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How do I tell the difference between a male calf& a female calf?

Best Time to CheckCheck your calf's sex immediately after they are born. This is the easiest time to check because you are already hands-on with them, cutting their umbilical cord and helping them ... Read More »

How to Hog Tie a Calf?

A hog-tie is used in tie-down or calf-roping rodeo events. In such an event, a cowboy on horseback pursues and ropes a calf. The cowboy dismounts and flanks the calf, putting it on its side on the ... Read More »

How to Do Calf Raises?

This low-intensity exercise strengthens and tones your calf muscles.

How to Tell the Sex of a Newborn Calf?

Hereford cow and her new babyTelling the sex or gender of a newborn calf is good in knowing what kind of management decisions that need to be made according to what that calf is: For most females, ... Read More »