I have a bruise on my head. How long does it take to go away?

Answer Figure about 1 day per millimeter wide. Assuming you are not on blood thinners.

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Tender Bruise on side of head, what do I do?

If you are not experiencing any other symptoms other tha a bruise I would just keep doing what you've done ice and resting. Bruising can be normal and as long as your feeling okay I just stay home.... Read More »

My 3 year old hit head on concrete from 2 feet in the air. has big swollen bruise. Go to Hospital or not?

Put ice on it right away. Then if it is swelling out...he should be fine. If you do not see a knot coming up then that is when you should we worried. Also, if he was conscious the whole time the... Read More »

How long does a bruise last?

You know how a bruise changes color over time? That's your body fixing the bruise by breaking down and reabsorbing the blood, which causes the bruise to go through many colors of the rainbow before... Read More »

How long does it take for a bruise to go away?

A bruise (also known as a contusion) usually last about 2 weeks. You can determine the age of a bruise by the color of it. It usually is:day 1-5 the bruise appears black or blueday 5-10 the bruise ... Read More »