I have a bruise on my arm!?

Answer The most probably cause of the bruise is alien abduction. You can't remember because they erased your memory. Either that or your cat bit you when you were sleeping. But, I'll put my money on th... Read More »

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I have a big bruise on my knee :(?

You could try rubbing some arnica on your knee,it is great for bruises.............

Do I Have Bruised Ribs or is it just a bruise?

Honestly, don't worry about it. If it doesn't hurt when you breathe and twist, your ribs are most likely fine. You may just have a bruise on the skin from the trauma. Even if you did have bruised r... Read More »

I need advice, i have this bruise?

it seems to be in a dodgy place, no it probably isnt serious but that doesnt mean you shouldnt see a doctor just in case you've damaged a tendon or something. if its still in pain then you should d... Read More »

I have a bruise on my face that won't go away?