I have a blu/ray by sony and I have a 50 inch sanyo plazma tv.I have a HDMI cable connecting the two?

Answer Check the Sony website and find out which wireless adapters are compatible with your bluray. Another alternative is to use powerline adapters:…

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Sony Bravia 40 inch (KDL 40S5100) not connecting to laptop with VGA cable?

Its almost certainly not a problem with your Sony. Those TVs are plug and play. I would try command F5 or whichever key on your laptop shows a picture of a monitor. Also you can go into control pan... Read More »

Problem connecting computer to television with HDMI-HDMI cable?

First...make sure the computers resolution matches the TV's native resolution and make sure the video drivers are up-to-date.If that doesn't help, then try this: shut down the computer and turn off... Read More »

Whats the difference in connecting my Xbox 360 via component cable and HDMI cable?

Wow - so many wrong answers.As long as the Component cables are rated for the high-def frequencies, they will send full 1080p to your TV and with a name-brand TV you should not be able to see any d... Read More »

Connecting my HP Pavilion to my Sony Bravia via HDMI?… this site will help...