I have a blood test on Wednesday, and I am so nervous. Any advice (Look @ details)?

Answer Don't look at the needle. Think about a story you're working on, the book you're reading, the song that's stuck in your head, what you're going to treat yourself to on the way home...I'm not lookin... Read More »

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My driving test is on Wednesday (24th April 2013) and I just failed a mock test. I need some advice?

There is obviously a problem for you mentally with test conditions.Try to alter the way you look at the test - the examiner is not there to fail you - it is not you v them, they are just assessing ... Read More »

Does a Blood Test hurt. Having one & nervous?

No they don't hurt you only feel the slightest pin prick as needle breaks skin an injection hurts much more and you can hardly feel that!!!! so stop worrying I have had loads and can not even remem... Read More »

I have a driving test today, and I'm nervous as hell!!?

You aready know your stuff, and you master the necessary skills, now all you got to do is to have faith in yourself. Go out there and show them that you can do it. Ace the test.

I have a blood test tow where they draw blood and I'm really scared of needles?

Im scared of needles as well (which is a nightmare because ive had a LOT lately)Anyway, usually when they take my blood they do this thing where they tell me to take a deep breath in and while I am... Read More »