I have a blatter infection, I think?

Answer GET IN TO SEE A DOCTOR ASAP. any doctor. If you don't treat your bladder infection, it will only get worse. The inside of your bladder can get so deteriorated that it seeps blood; the blood form... Read More »

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I think i have a yeast infection?

Hello :).Your mother has been through a lot of things, discharge, menstrual cycle, sexual intercourse, pregnancy, and that itself could make her just as knowledgeable as a doctor. Do not worry at a... Read More »

I think I have a yeast infection! Help?

If you go to the doctor, you'll have a diagnosis and it'll be sorted pretty quickly.If you guess what is wrong, you might be right and it might sort itself out, or you might end up going on holiday... Read More »

I think i have a yest infection please help!?

On the one hand, you said that you weren't going to the doctor for it. But then, you don't want the medication.Here are the only options:1) do nothing and be miserable2) Take the med your mom got f... Read More »

I think I have a urinary track infection, help?

Yes it is a urinary tract infection, if not already a bladder infection. Definitely see doctor in less than 72 hours, for treatment with antibiotics.