I have a bit of pain above my belly button.?

Answer Pregnant.

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Pain just above my belly button, it comes and goes not a sharp pain though?

It is most likely trapped gas. try eating a peppermint to see if it helps..................

What causes a knot above the belly button with pain?

If you are pregnant is it normal for your stomach to be soft above your belly button but hard under your belly button down to your private area?

It would depend upon how far you are into your pregnancy. The uterus will slowly grow in size and that is the hardness that you are feeling. As the uterus grows larger it will move further up into ... Read More »

I have a low pain tolerance, will getting my belly button peirced hurt?

dang people are harsh! Look hun, it pinches it feels like a big pinch, you will be fine i promise you it's okay. You can trust me i've pierced my belly button, tongue, la brae, different parts of... Read More »