I have a big problem with the smell of my mouth?

Answer you need to see your dentist the smell could be a infection under the teeth even into the bone also could be throat cheese - in back of the throat you may be able to see white/yellow clumps even sp... Read More »

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Bad Smell is comming from my mouth !?

Two major sources of mouth odor are bacteria and decaying food particles. There are hundreds of nooks and crannies in the landscape of your mouth where these offenders can get lodged. Brushing is n... Read More »

Ate oysters now I have ammonia smell in mouth?

It would indicate they were a bit old, you didn't mention how long you have had them and how they are stored, but I am certain they were not fresh.Good luckChetak

Strange smell and taste in mouth?

Do you rinse with mouthwash and floss? It might be something is stuck in your braces you can't get out by brushing! Have you tried the threaders? Mouthwash also kills bacteria in your mouth as well!

What to eat to avoid drinking smell coming from mouth?

carrot is the best thing to avoid drinking smell.. another method are eat egg. chewingum ect