I have a big pink and white lump on the left side of my throat?

Answer on the inside or outside of your throat?

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Painless Soft lump on top left side of your 2 year olds head left side?

Cyst-my daughter had one and it grew bigger as she grew. The cosmetic surgeon removed it.

Lump on left side of chest by nipple HELP!?

If it feels like disks, it can be either a calcium buildup or that your body is producing estrogen. Try eating nuts (like peanuts, walnuts, cashews, etc.), as this should take care of the problem w... Read More »

There is a lump in my gums of the left side of my mouth?

Sounds like an abscess to me. You really need to make an appointment with your dentist. If it is in fact an abscess, it won't be painful to get rid of it. All they'll do is give you an antibiotic t... Read More »

Small lump just under chin on left side?