I have a big dent in my skull?

Answer Go to a doc numbnuts! Now!

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Do skull candy headphones have sub woophers?

There are a lot of things to consider. Size of the magnets, which amplify the soundQuality of cable(you don't want a cheap metal one)Get a design where the earphone is in your ear, such as a skullc... Read More »

Does a Master Mason's ring have a skull on it?

A master mason’s ring does not have a skull on it. Most rings for master masons today have a design that consists of a compass and a square with the letter “G” on a raised face.References:Mas... Read More »

Is it safe to have an mri on skull for a patient with heart stents?

On One Hand: Most Cardiac Stents Are MRI CompatibleHeart stents made of nonmagnetic metal alloys are typically MRI safe. The MRI will not dislodge or damage these types of stents. Most cardiac sten... Read More »

Does a 7 month old who fractures her skull in a fall have long term problems?

It depends on whether there is any injury to the brain. It there is only fracture of the skull there may not be any long term problem.