I have a bad headache and its over my left eye. i need something to relieve it?

Answer It could be a sinus headache.If you are allergic to tyenol, maybe you could try the following:-- asprin-- hot drinks-- steam inhalation-- decongestants (to reduce inflammation)-- massage, homeopath... Read More »

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How to Relieve a Tension Headache?

Tension is a fact of life in our high-speed modern world. Here are several simple techniques to relieve a tension headache.

How do i relieve a headache when tylenol does not work?

my fiance gets bad headaches like this and she uses excedrin, ibuprophen also. and if that dont work she has this pepperment oil that she smells that help relieve the pain.

Whats the best way to relieve neck/upper back pain that is giving you a tension headache?

I'd say a nice hot bath, some toy time, and then a nap.....ahhh!

How to relieve soreness quick Please answer I got like 2 hours left?

Do you have a heating pad? Try it. Ice? Try it. And believe me, using the sore things, even small exercises with it, helps the soreness go away while you're using it. Good luck! ~Linzy