I have a bad cold and i cant sleep..HELP!!?

Answer Take a hot bath, vicks and some hot tea, cold sprite, (no milk or dairy products it will make it worst) and maybe a cartoon show to make you not think about how sick you are. It also makes it worst... Read More »

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I have a sore throat and pain, feeling like I cant swallow, almost as if I cant, or its blocked.?

See your doctor, you may have strep throat. You can't expect anonymous people who can't examine you and are not physicians to diagnose your problem.

Is this a cold Cant aford doctor?

Sounds like a cold. Aspirin, hot lemonade with honey, tea, vitamin c, chicken soup...lots of fluids. You should be OK but you need to rest if you can and all should be fine in a few days. If it ... Read More »

What alcohol is good when you cant keep it cold?

I have a T-Shirt that says "Machine wash cold", what temperature is 'cold'?