I have a bad back my doctor says there is no treatment?

Answer go to a specialist

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My biopsy came back benigne. Why does the doctor want me to come back in 4 months?

Once you start going to a dr, it's like going to a dentist. They want to see you on a regular basis. Plus, it doesn't hurt to pad their pockets a little.

Does it ever worry you when your doctor keeps using the word "treatment"?

You are NOT squeamish. Mon. I go for cataract surgery on my left eye. Thankfully I have only 2 eyes and the right one is done. Last time was not fun. So I am more than a little squeamish. Picture w... Read More »

England- very shoddy doctor and hospital treatment?

Completely unnacceptable, I'd switch GP surgery for a start - that bits easy. As far as your hospital experience goes, it sounds like terrible treatment and you were kept waiting far too long.You ... Read More »

Who is india's best ayurvedic doctor for treatment of Azospermia specialist?

You can contact Dr.SundaraSwamiji..He lives in Madhurapudi village near Rajahmundry.90 yrs old angry and perfect saint he is.And the place he lives is ashram.LandMark 2km from Madhurapudi,(Rajahmun... Read More »