I have a bad back my doctor says there is no treatment?

Answer go to a specialist

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So the doctor says I can't have a bay can I sue him?

IKRHe told me I couldn't eat Yorkie chocolate bars because I'm female

Can you help me out, my doctor says that I have a protein deficiency?

I am so glad I am married to you! Be ready when I get home *edit I see that now *BIG GRIN*

What to do if one doctor says you need surgery and another says you don't?

__________________________ Are you serious? Your asking a bunch of people online. Go to another freakin doctor and ask their opinion.________________________________…

My doctor says i have a weak nerve in my left eye is this curable?

my Optometrist when I was a kid had me wear a patch over my strong eye for a couple of hrs a day to train the weaker eye to pick up slack and do its job. I didn't need glasses either, one was lazy ... Read More »