I have a Youtube question?

Answer If you have a very popular channel (think thousands of subscribers) you can apply to become a YouTube partner. This puts Google AdSense ads on your videos, for which you get paid. In order to be ac... Read More »

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I have a question about youtube.?

Yes your perfectly fine turning of your PC. The processing could take from 5 Minuites to about 2 days.Turning off your computer is fine, even dissconnecting from the web

YouTube question how do i make money of f of youtube i monitized my video to get money but am not getting view?

Well if you're not getting any views its one of the following reasons1. Your not promoting your videos well enough. You need to comment and subscribe to other channels, make use of social networkin... Read More »

Youtube Question?

I believe that is a rating system on how many videos you have uploaded, rated ect... The more you upload/rate the higher your rating.

Youtube question!?

do the things I do step by step:1.find the image you like to choose as a background on the web2.when u found the image u like,right click on properties4.a page opens,u can see the details... Read More »