I have a Virus, need HELP, I'm desperate.?

Answer O dear - can you make your question clearer ?I have tried everything it seems like. I cant update my virus scanner because it somehow blocked the Internet from coming into my computer - This could ... Read More »

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I am in DESPERATE need of my daycare name.need by 5:00!maybe u can help.i have been working on this all week!?

Congrats. on your new venture. Remember you are dealing with Mums and Dads before you get the kids in. So I think the name should appeal to Mums etc before the kids and reflect not only fun but ea... Read More »

I have no money, but I'm in desperate need of a laptop. Please help.?

Wait until Black Friday to go buy your laptop. They will be super cheap at like Best Buy or Target that day/night.

Hey I have installed vipre anti-virus but says i need need to install "Definitions" Help me please!?

Connect to the internet and run the auto-update.

Ok, i need some help with my camcorder, could someone help me, i'm very desperate to get this working!?

I'm surprised no-one has stated the obvious...According to your description, "Now, i have a port in my camcorder and on my computer like this:"...You have a mini-FW socket on your computer AND the ... Read More »