I have a Toshiba SD260 DVD Player & how do I unlock it to play multi region DVD's?


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Can most laptops/PCs with DVD drive play multi-region DVDs or are they usually region locked like DVD players?

Most of them can play all DVDs through Windows Media Player (as long as you have downloaded all of the Codexes from the Microsoft Website), Dell's default Media Experience setting is for one region... Read More »

What do you have to do make a Toshiba SD501 KB DVD player into a multi-region player?

I couldn't find your exact machine number, but they tend to follow a pattern for individual makes.Try this.1. Power on the DVD player 2. Press the Open/close button on your remote control to open ... Read More »

Can you play any DVD on a multi-region DVD player?

yes. a multi-region DVD player will play any DVD, both NTSC and PAL, all regions.

Will my Blu-Ray LG BD640 player play PAL region DVDs?