I have a Shark steam mop and it is clogged with hard water build up how can I clean that?

Answer Run vinegar or CLR thru it. Buy a jug of distilled water and you will not have the problem again. Cost less than a dollar and will mop a bunch of floors so it is cost effective.

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How do I clean Shark steam mop cloths?

Unlatch the closures on each side of the steam mop cloth and remove the cloth.Place the cloth in the washing machine and use your regular detergent. Add 1 cup of vinegar if you want to add a disinf... Read More »

Will the Shark steam mop clean grout?

The Shark Steam Mop cleans all sealed hard floor surfaces, including grout. The Shark Steam Mop emits steam to loosen hard-to-remove dirt, and then wipes it up with a micro-fiber cloth that can be ... Read More »

How to clean a clogged hard drive?

Sounds like your hard drive is fried if you can't find the partitions to deleteTry

How do i clean clogged water pipes?

Remove the TrapPlace a bucket beneath the "S" or "U" pipe section underneath the clogged sink. Turn off the water valve on the wall. Remove the "S" section using an adjustable wrench to unscrew th... Read More »