I have a Readyboost question?

Answer "At idle my comp uses 35% of my 4gig ddr2 ram."It should be around 10%. So, this is the REAL problem.Find out why, and fix that (Malware?).Then, Ready Boost will be a non-issue.

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Readyboost for XP?

no waybut this 3rd party program gives you similar features. just dont expect any miracles from either of them

How Do I Use ReadyBoost?

USB ReadyBoostInsert your USB flash drive into your computer running a Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system. Your computer automatically detects the removable drive, and the "AutoPlay" dialo... Read More »

What Is ReadyBoost?

ReadyBoost is a feature of Microsoft Windows that uses portable flash memory to help free up computer memory, thereby improving computer performance and system responsiveness. As of 2010, the most ... Read More »

Is Readyboost worth using?

no. if anything it will slow the computer because the hard drive has to write more often when it is in use.readyboost is just a band-aid for people running cheapee pcs with 512 megs of ram. it's no... Read More »