I have a REALLY bad sun burn, what is a way to make it heal faster?

Answer Just lots and lots of aloe and lotion. DON'T USE VINEGAR! My ex was told that would help and he ended up with a lot of worse severe painful stinging.

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Anyway to make these heal faster?

Antibiotic ointment will heal them quickly and help avoid a scar.And, please, if you are cutting yourself, talk to an adult you like and trust. My daughter cut for awhile after I had cancer. She's ... Read More »

How to make my cut heal faster?

Buy provodine iodine at the nearest store. Take a napkin or q-tip and cover the whirl woud and every where around it. Also soak the bandaid/bandage with it. It might burn a little but that is it ki... Read More »

Is there any way to make a black eye heal faster?

The best way is to keep ice on it and put lotion and cream I had a black eye like this and mine went away in 6 days just keep ice and cream

How can I make the cut on my finger heal faster?

I don't know about healing faster but Listerine will allow it to heal with even less of a sister used Listerine on cuts on her hand and the same type of cuts on the other hand she h... Read More »