I have a REALLY bad sun burn, what is a way to make it heal faster?

Answer Just lots and lots of aloe and lotion. DON'T USE VINEGAR! My ex was told that would help and he ended up with a lot of worse severe painful stinging.

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Do you really really have to burn more calories than what you eat to lose weight?

No. Your body will consume the calories on its own without you doing any work out. We need that energy to live - sustain breathing, muscle contractions, heart beat, everything! So no you don't need... Read More »

What can I get from the pharmacy that will make my cuts heal faster?

Don't use hydrocortisone cream on cuts, it will make them heal more slowly. See if you can get comfrey ointment, thats good for cuts.

How to make my cut heal faster?

Buy provodine iodine at the nearest store. Take a napkin or q-tip and cover the whirl woud and every where around it. Also soak the bandaid/bandage with it. It might burn a little but that is it ki... Read More »

How can I make the cut on my finger heal faster?

I don't know about healing faster but Listerine will allow it to heal with even less of a sister used Listerine on cuts on her hand and the same type of cuts on the other hand she h... Read More »