I have a Prosthetic leg, it works but it looks like crap i need help!!?

Answer Why don't you check with the company that made your prosthetic leg and see if they have any ideas to make it more stylish when you dress up. Good luck

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New T.V. looks like CRAP?

I have what looks like a layer thick black soot on my gardenia leaves and stalk, can anyone help me?

You have "sooty mold" which is caused from 4 possible sources. The sources are... Aphids, Mealybugs, Scale, and White flies. You need to look real close to the stems and undersides of the leaves to... Read More »

When I look at photographs of the full Milky Way I cannot help wondering how we managed to get those pictures. Do we really have satellites that far away or is it all speculation what it looks like?

We cannot see the entire Milky Way galaxy, since we're IN it; it is all around us. We're actually way off toward the edge of the galaxy. The center of the galaxy is in the general direction of the ... Read More »

Crap! Help! My hair is greasier than french fries and I have to leave in an hour!?

get off yahoo answers andwash ur hair quickly.then you blowdry it.if you dont have a blow dryer, just run back and forth really fast about 40 tiems