I have a Prosthetic leg, it works but it looks like crap i need help!!?

Answer Why don't you check with the company that made your prosthetic leg and see if they have any ideas to make it more stylish when you dress up. Good luck

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Anyone have a prosthetic eye?

Dear LilDarlin,I severely injured my left eye at age 9 and my parents elected to have my eye removed at that time. I am now 59. In fact, this September marks 50 years since my accident. My eye d... Read More »

How can you get a free prosthetic leg?

Im from Panama city and I will like to know that too!!

Who invented the first robotic prosthetic arm?

A young Florida man named Ivan Yaeger designed the first robotic prosthetic arm. He patented the device in 1987, while he was still a senior in high school. He designed the prototype for an 11-year... Read More »

Psychosocial Factors of Wearing a Prosthetic?

Life after losing a limb and learning to rely on a prosthetic involves changes in the individual on psychological, physical and social levels. In the process of adjusting to life after the trauma o... Read More »