I have a Polaroid 600 camera and it won't take pictures?

Answer Is there film in the holder? It only gets 10 shots, even though the battery is still capable of operating the flash.Find the film counter window and see if it says anything but 0. You can eject the... Read More »

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If i buy a old polaroid camera and but new film will the pictures still have that vintage look?

Can you put pictures from a Nikon Coolpix S1000pj onto a Polaroid PoGo camera?

The newest Nikon D3000 is the best. Not only is it newest and has all these new features, but it has more megapixels and would be the same price as the other two. The Nikon D40 is great and all, bu... Read More »

My camera wont let me take pictures, it keeps shutting off. please help!?

If you have fully charged your battery and it keeps doing as you say, your battery is junk and needs to be replaced. Or your camera is toast. As Nikon makes hundreds of different models it would he... Read More »

Pictures wont show up on my camera?

The SD970 isn't a camcorder, perhaps you would have more luck if you asked your question in the proper category. How do you know you "took really nice pictures"? Have you seen them? On the camera o... Read More »