I have a PC game in DVD-ROM format, but my computer only has a CD-ROM drive. . .?

Answer Nope, your computer should recognize the drive and install any drivers need. You'll only need software if you get a DVD burner and want to burn DVD's.

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How do I format the C drive on a Gateway computer?

Insert a Windows installation CD into the Gateway computer's optical drive. Restart the computer, and boot from the CD. Choose to install the operating system. Choose to format the drive where you ... Read More »

Doesn't format the hard drive clean every single file etc... of the computer?

Not really. Protected files are saved, I think, plus, it leaves fragments of files. It doesn't wipe it totally clean, but it comes close.

Is it possible to download a Scrabble Plus game from a computer onto a flash drive, then install it in?

It can be done with simple file copy, but the fun part is finding all of the support files from the system file. It might be easier to find the game history files and re-install the game on another... Read More »

I am unable to format my C drive How can I do format and install windows again ?

A. you can't reformat the hard drive inside the oeprating systemB. you can't do it in the bios like some one else said. unless it is part of a raid sequence.c. simply run the operating system resto... Read More »