I have a Lexmark Z22 printer it only prints pages in light yellow ink, how do I fix it?

Answer Clean the heads with warm water and dry.

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My lexmark printer only prints out solid black pages?

It could be with the settings on the browser you're using. Make sure not to print background colors and images.

We have a lexmark 1185 and have tried and tried to install and uninstall it, but it prints blank pages, help?

I assume you've checked the ink cartridge to make sure the jets aren't blocked and done all the things the help section of the Lexmark program has told you to do so my advice is:Return it. If you ... Read More »

Is it posible that one printer prints less pages than another printer (different model) w/ the same cartridge?

Yes, cartridge capacity is not exact plus some printers are stingier than others yet the shading is hard to tell just eyeing it.

Printer prints blank pages?

That is a driver issue. Go to the printers website and download the updated driver. Adobe is very fussy and you should have at least, tell me the model and make. It would have helped in my answer L... Read More »