I have a Lexmark 1240 scanner/printer/fax and a broadband modem....?

Answer you are fax line single or the fax and fhone line is the same ?

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How do I install a Lexmark 1240?

USB ConnectionInsert the square tip of the USB connector cord into the back port of the x1240 All-In-One, and insert the flat tip end of the cord into your computer's USB port.Install DriverTurn on... Read More »

Can a 56K modem use broadband?

Dial-up 56K modems are not capable of using broadband. Unlike dial-up modems, broadband provides an always-on connection, so the user can browse the Internet 24 hours a day without interruption.Ref... Read More »

Does Broadband Use the Internal Modem?

On One Hand: Internal Modems Not BroadbandInternal modems, according to the Linux reference website, support only dial-up connections by their very design. Because modems modulate data into... Read More »

Broadband vs. Cable Modem?

When looking for the best Internet connection for your home you might be familiar with a broadband or ADSL connection. The option of a cable modem also exists for most home users and the advantages... Read More »