I have a LG 720p plasma,with time warner HD digital cable ,but the quality isn't the best,what can i do?

Answer Picture quality on Time Warner's HD channels should look amazing on a 720p LG set. Standard definition pictures aren't going to look much better than old-fashion TV, so test on HD channels.First, m... Read More »

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A question about HDTV concerning the best picture quality with only a digital Time Warner Box?

The HD box will make the picture on the HD channels better, but it does nothing to improve other channels. Make sure those channels look good before the technition leaves, if not call Direct TV. ... Read More »

How do i add hd to my digital time warner cable?

Contact to UpgradeMake sure first your television is high definition capable. Otherwise, adding HD to your digital Time Warner Cable account will be a waste of money. If you do not have a high-defi... Read More »

Do you need additional time warner digital cable boxes for each tv?

According to the Time Warner website, you can connect digital cable to all the TVs in your home, but each television will be assessed an equipment charge as well as need a digital cable box to acce... Read More »

How do i hook up a stereo to time warner digital cable?

One of the features of Time Warner Cable's digital cable TV service is the ability to have Dolby Digital surround sound audio with certain channels and programs. To access this, first determine whi... Read More »