I have a HP printer, the light flashes and says remove and check color cartridge?

Answer find a way to clean the nozzle. this info should be in the manual.

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My hp printer says Print cartridge problem:[Tri-Color] refer to device documentation for troubleshoot!?

Try this:Take out the ink cartridges, power the printer Off (remove power if necessary), now take a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with alcohol and clean the electrical contacts on the cartridges a... Read More »

How to Check the Print Cartridge Light After a Paper Jam on an HP Printer?

While most of the time a well maintained HP printer will provide excellent service, paper jams and other problems are bound to occur. Whether they are caused by misaligned paper, inferior paper sto... Read More »

Check print cartridge light on and don't know how to fix do not have alignment page?

Most likely is that your cartridge is not installed right. Just pull out and be sure doesn't have any plastic labels on the bottom where the ink comes out. Set it right and see if it works. Some ti... Read More »

My color ink cartridge leak inside of my printer. How should I clean this up w/o harming the printer?

Use QTips and alcohol. If you are not using real HP ink cartridges I suggest you start. The refills and ones made by other vendors are bad.