I have a HDR-SR7 HD Camera and can't get the files (.m2ts) To edit on anything Help!?

Answer mt2s is an AVCHD encoded hi-def video . The video editor needs to be able to handle it. Only the newer versions do.Not all AVCHD editors can handle AVCHD from all camcorders. You will probably need... Read More »

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I need to find a way to edit or convert my m2ts files so adobe premiere stops lagging?

You already answered your own question: "laptop isn't really good enough to allow me to edit"... use a computer that exceeds the minimum requirements for MTS file editing.

How do i edit wikipedia i have an account but i cant edit it ...?

Wikipedia is a wiki, meaning that anyone can edit any unprotected page and improve articles immediately for all readers. You do not need to register to do this. Anyone who has edited is known as a ... Read More »

How to Convert M2TS Files to AVI?

.M2TS is the standard file format for Blu-ray discs and many HD camcorders. With the increase of movies and television shows made on Blu-ray discs, it has become important to know how to convert t... Read More »

I want a polaroid camera for christmas, I found the camera, but I cant find any film... help!?

How about that!Polaroid went bankrupt and stopped making cameras and film. In December of 2008, the last film was manufactured. At this time any of the film that is still around has expired.If yo... Read More »