I have a Freeview box plugged into my TV.?

Answer It couldbe to do with the scart maybe a few pins are bent of missing, as for playing vids its not played thru the freeview box so the picture will show red because its the freevies box is not worki... Read More »

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I have a TV with built in freeview. I cannot watch freeview however as there is no Aerial socket in the room..?

Hi have you looked for an indoor aeriel.They say you can buy a reallygood one.Good Luck

What if your head phones want stay plugged in your Phillips mp3 Player A little black piece fell out and now my head phones want stay plugged in can you please help?

Take your headphones, MP3 player, and the little black piece that fell out, into any shop that retails MP3 players and the tech guys will only be too happy to demonstrate to you how clever they are... Read More »

19" LCD c/w DVD and Freeview?

It is not possible to recommend that type of product at all.All TV / DVD combinations are notoriously unreliable - the DVD section usually gives up first, meaning you have to replace the whole lot.... Read More »

Freeview, Please help!?

Try going into the settings and selecting first time installation instead and hopefully that will get them back on for you