I have a 4 year old grand son that is thowing things a round.We need help?

Answer It sounds to me like what you are asking is what do we do about this rather than why is this happening. This is actually pretty typical behavior, although usually for a younger child. You need to... Read More »

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I NEED a large motor game for my preschool class going along with the theme " Things That Grow." PLEASEE HELP?

I just did a unit on "Things that grow" for my student teaching, I just finished two days ago! You might just need to branch out with your subject a bit. Do some large motor with things that stretc... Read More »

How much money do organizations that help the homeless need per year?

I have avast antivirus and i need help so that the program can get a full scan of my PC?

You should be able to do it with the free version, and here's how to do it:1) Right click on Quick icon of Avast on your bottom toolbar>Click on Open Avast User Interface>Click on Scan Computer on ... Read More »

10 points!!! I need help, I have an old television that I can't hook up a dvd player to, I have to hook?

dvd>vcr line invcr>to tv antenna in (round coax cable-like what delivers cable tv to the house)view on ch 3 or 4 on tv-switch on back of most vcr'splug cable/sat into vcr antenna in