I have a 3 year old son and he goes preschool?

Answer well in order to figure it out u must kidnapp the old man that lives on your stree and send him offf the germany,.

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A 23 year old girl still goes to preschool and plays with talking Care Bear dolls - What do you think of her?

By "still" you mean that shes attending preschool not teaching it, so I think that she has a mental disability, extremely lazy to go to a higher grade, or trying to get attention.

If you have primary physical custody of your 16 year old daughter and when she goes to her mom's for her visits her mother allows her to sleep with a 18 year old man what can you do to stop it?

Answer It depends on the state you are in, and the legal age of consent in that area. If the age of consent is 16, then I doubt there is much you can do from a legal standpoint, apart from tell yo... Read More »

Preschool Special Ed Teachers Only. Fun lesson plans ideas. I have a class of four year olds DD.?

It depends on what you routinely include during Circle Time, your expectations and the make-up of your class. Typically I have done a greeting song during which each child has an opportunity to say... Read More »

If a 20 year old goes out with a 18 year old can they go to prison?

At eighteen you're legally considered an adult. So no, just 'going out' with an eighteen year old isn't breaking any laws.