I have a 15 pound Babby all marinated and ready to cook at what temperature ?

Answer Hi grandpa. Deep fry it for 15 minutes. And give me some PWEESE!!

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I think my babby might finally be ready to be birthed?

I am pretty bored can I pound this section with daunting babby questions for the next 20 minutes or so?

lmao!! go hard!with modeling clay as a prototype then sent to the momthe swings pleasebabby's get dirty easilyno, babbies like vodkababby's are not big talkers, they prefer screamingtoss the dwarf... Read More »

What will a tattoo on a babby look like later after the babby grows up into adult?

Get him a lizard, it will grow into a big dragon as the babby grows.

What temperature is medium for the inside of a 4 pound new york strip steak?

The standard temperatures for degrees of doneness (rare, medium, well-done) do not vary with the size of the steak or roast being cooked. The internal temperature for a steak cooked to medium is 16... Read More »