I have a 1 year old tv w/line down middle of screen why?

Answer's NOT an easy fix....did you forget these TVs have RIBBON CABLES and no solder joints past the X-Y driver ICs?If you're getting a picture, then those drive ICs are recieving their signals a... Read More »

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I double tap my iPhone 4S for multitasking the screen goes black it has the loading logo in the middle of the screen?

Yeah, its the thing on the side with a tiny hole, you push the needle in the hole and the slot pops out

LCD television with dark band across middle of screen?

You have either the LVDI (display driver) card gone sour on you, or the display itself. Take the set in for service, if it is the signal board, it might just be worth repair, if it's the display, y... Read More »

There is a line in the middle of my s3 screen when i open my camera, what is the cause of that?

If your problem is only 2 days old take the product back for a refund!

Theres a green line running horizontally in the middle of my TV screen?

You have a faulty TV set,if its still under warranty best to call out the tech guys.