I have XP Pro. Will Windows 7 fit on my Packard Bell IMedia UTOW-SAN?

Answer Your computer wont be able to handle it. Your processor could JUST do the job but it would be very slow.Windows 7 however, requires AT A BARE MINIMUM 1GB of ram, as stated here http://windows.micro... Read More »

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Game for Packard Bell, Windows '95?

Don't remember that game but you might have some luck recognizing a screenshot from it if you surf some of the Abandonware sites out there.Good luck!

Does the packard bell boston have wifi though i have been searching everywhere and cant seem to find out?

You are right, the answer is not immediately obvious. You can ask Packard Bell though via this link;… Regards, Bert.

How do I reboot a Packard Bell computer?

Windows Operating SystemClick "Shut Down" within the Start menu. Then choose "Restart" from the options that are presented.DOS, BIOS or BootPress the "CTRL" "ALT" and "DELETE" keys at the same time... Read More »

How do I access the BIOS of a Packard Bell 8040?

Start UpPower up or restart your computer.BootingWatch carefully as your computer monitor begins to display information relating to the boot process.Access BIOSTap the "F1" key, the "F2" key or the... Read More »