I have Windows and I've been considering Limewire?

Answer well, it is a good place for malware...

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How many people have been busted for downloading from Limewire?

Since 2003, the Recording Industry Association of America has prosecuted more than 30,000 individuals for illegal music file sharing downloads, which is a felony charge. Additionally, as of 2010, o... Read More »

I've been considering viable ways to pay for the continuance of my college education?

{{{{{Instant Star}}}}}!!!!!! Hi sweetheart! Long time no see!You know, all of you must be reading my mind or something, I've been contemplating getting away from here for a while, a long while. Mai... Read More »

How to Fix Windows That Have Been Painted Shut for 30 Years?

Windows that were painted shut 30 years ago are probably coated with lead paint. Lead paint becomes toxic when scraped or sanded. Fixing a window fastened shut with lead paint requires disassemblin... Read More »

Don't you think HP should actually have been ready for Windows 7?

hey Jim. if i were going to be snide i'd say, that's what you get for being all "bleeding edge" with OS technology not availabe to the general masses yet.but i'm not address your query, i... Read More »