I have Windows 98 how do you....?

Answer you need to buy a windows operating cd which is xp. but first you have to do a little homework, try to read the system requirements of windows xp. know your processor, is it compatible with winxp, ... Read More »

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Does Windows 8 have Windows XP Mode like Windows 7?

Not sure but I doubt it! XP will no longer be supported at the end of the year 2012!

I have a windows 95 cumputer,I want it to have windows XP.?

If your computer is still running Windows 95 that means it is far too old to be running XP. You MAY be able to install Windows XP but it most certainly would slow your system down to a crawl. If ... Read More »

How do i remove pagerage from my computer completely if i have windows vista or windows xp?

Hey Justin -I've been using PageRage for a year and it hasn't made my computer crash. But to answer your actual question - have you tried following these steps?Uninstall Yontoo LayersUninstall fro... Read More »

POLL: Do you have double glazed windows or different type of windows in your home?

double glazed windows phil,how about you.x