I have Windows 98 and want to upgrade to the latest version What do I need to do?

Answer The way your question reads, it seems that you want to upgrade 98. This is pointless, so please re-post to make it clear if that is what you really want, or did you actually mean that you want to u... Read More »

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I want to upgrade to Vista home premium from windows xp pro, how much ram do i need and what is recommended?

In order for Vista premium to run smoothly, you'll will need atleast 1 gb of ram and above. I say you have enough for it to go on a good speed. heres the requirements. * 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or ... Read More »

How I can upgrade my reciever star sat sr-x 150d plus to latest version ( free)?

dont know if it can be, might have to manually input new sats.

Is it possible to upgrade my SGH-T679(fromT-Mobile) to latest android version?

officially you can able to upgrade up to gingerbread, if u want to use ICS or JB try custom ROM (require Root)

What is the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows 98?

Microsoft ended support for Windows 98 on July 11, 2006. Internet Explorer was on version 6 at that time. You should, however, consider upgrading to Windows XP or later because Windows 98 and IE6 m... Read More »