I have Vundo Variant on my pc!! How do i delete this bugger?

Answer Malicious Software Removal Tool…

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What is a"Trojan Vundo Variant"?

Trojan Vundo Variant is a malicious parasite that makes up part of the Trojan.Vundo family. Like the other family members, it is a Trojan that secretly installs on your computer and bombards your s... Read More »

How do i delete trojan vundo?

Hold down the "Windows" key and press "R." The Run box will open.Type "Regedit" into the Run box and then press "Enter" or click "OK." The Registry Editor will open.Delete each of the following reg... Read More »

Problem with trojan.vundo, i tried a lots and i used all what they said must do in symantec but still have it?

Download Vundofix.exe., located here: had the same issues and none of the spyware (AdAware, Spybot Remover, etc) or virus tools (Norton, Microtrend, etc.) seemed to wo... Read More »

How to Make a Chess Variant?

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