I have Tonsillitis hurts so much help!?

Answer If you have any dispersible Aspirin (and are not allergic to it)you could dissolve in water and try gargling with it. As you have discovered, adults can get tonsilitis also. Hope you feel better soon.

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HELP!!!! I got burned and it hurts so much!!!!!?

First of all get a pair of underwear that fits so you don't get this problem happening again. Then you will need to clean the burn, and put either some gauze or bandage on it to prevent it from get... Read More »

I just got braces and it hurts soo freakin much. HELP!!!?

Take pain killers and wait for a few days. Also, eat soft foods and nothing hard or crunchy. If you have to, them cut it into really small pieces and chew it slowly. My braces hurt for about a week.

I have a zit in my ear and it hurts HELP?

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Im on my 2nd day of getting my tonsils taken out. and im dying! my throat hurts so much and im so hungry help!?