I have Pelvic pain at 21 weeks?

Answer Me too. Went grocery shopping last night and this morning, my hips, butt, and sciatic nerve are all aching like I did a major workout. Feels like I walked 20 miles. I'm 42 but feel like about 70!

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Is it normal to have pelvic pain at 11 weeks pregnant?

Answer because you have a fetus inside? serious;y-It may be due to relaxin, a hormone produced during preg.

Can thinking you have pelvic pain cause that pain?

On One Hand: There is a ConnectionDoctors do believe that there is a psychological connection to pelvic pain, and that certain actions of the brain could cause you to experience pelvic discomfort. ... Read More »

What does it mean if your 38 weeks pregnant and have pelvic pressure?

braxton and hicks contractions are usually to blame. I would make an apptmt with my obgyn, though, to ere on the side of caution. Take care T. Hawk

You are 37 weeks pregnant and getting sharp pains in your pelvic area that makes you double up in pain especially when you walk it is getting worse daily is this contractions?

Answer AnswerI was at my gynocologist and he said it can only be ligament pains, but it is really bad and I want to know if anyone else has experienced this.Oh boy, I bet half the women you know ha... Read More »