I have Onida TV (LCD) which is connected to computer?

Answer Yes Yes I agree with MTW....................

Top Q&A For: I have Onida TV (LCD) which is connected to com... best Window A/c on these : Onida(or) LG. Dealer says todays situation Onida is best & rate is cheap?

How Do I Get A New Computer Without Wireless To Connect To My Router That's Connected To My Other Computer?

Who is connected to my computer?

Others might not have logged out properly?Their login might be put on sleep while you are using your login. Try clicking change user and see if there is any other user accounts online, sleep, away ... Read More »

How do i use the printer, which is connected to another computer?

you have to be connected in a network connection between your pc and the other on and the other one wich has the printer should share the printer so you can print