I have Onida TV (LCD) which is connected to computer?

Answer Yes Yes I agree with MTW....................

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Can I print a font which is not installed on the computer which is connected to the printer?

If you are using MS Word, you can save True Type fonts by changing the options under Tools & under the Save tab select Embed True Type fonts with the document. You can try taking the font files wit... Read More »

How do i use the printer, which is connected to another computer?

you have to be connected in a network connection between your pc and the other on and the other one wich has the printer should share the printer so you can print best Window A/c on these : Onida(or) LG. Dealer says todays situation Onida is best & rate is cheap?

Which compressor is fitted in Onida split?

The Onida is a television, air conditioning and washing machine manufacturer that operates out of Andheri, Mumbai. The Onida Split air conditioning units use a type of compressor made by Hitachi.So... Read More »