I have N95 and N78 and i am saling a mobile which should i keepN95 orN78?

Answer I think N78 should be kept if you're not too crazy about cameras cause N95 takes way too much batteries

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Which mobile i should buy?

Nokia N93i... u can have a look at its features here:…

Which phone should I buy - T Mobile or Cingular?

I have used BOTH T Mobile and Cingular. While I had Cingular, I had the roll over minutes. Toward the end of 3 years with Cingular, more and more of the roll over minutes were used to save my bil... Read More »

Which T-Mobile phone should I choose?

none of the phones u have there turned up results on google, i only got to c the samsung blast, im not a fan of samsung phones but that phone is kinda hot ...but a better choice would be the sideki... Read More »

Which phone should I get for T-mobile monthly 4g?

mytouch4G, guaranteed to work with T-Mobile 4G. The rest are OK, but pretty old...