I have Firefox 3.0.4, yet I keep being told to update my browser into version 2?

Answer I have no such problem on Firefox 3.0.4. I checked my Yahoo Mail a while ago, in the newer version of the email client, and encountered no problems.However, I am not a big fan of Mozilla Firefox an... Read More »

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How to update firefox new version?

Just download updated version and install it

How to install and update to UK version of Firefox in Linux?

What is the difference between the US and UK versions of Firefox? And which Linux distro are you using? I'm not aware of any that have different geographical remasters. Firefox should respect the s... Read More »

Why does my sister keep picking and being mean to i when i told her to stop?

She might want your attention and is trying to get it in the wrong way. She might also be trying to just get on your nerves and annoy you.Tell your parents about it and she could get grounded or so... Read More »

Where do i find the browser update for sbc yahoo browser? - that is the update center for your browser.. or you can go to