I have AVG Free and Windows Defender, is this enough?

Answer AVG is great, and frankly all you need is an anti spyware program, thats pretty much it, but take into consideration that the AVG your using is free and may not fully protect all the programs on yo... Read More »

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Does AVG free anti virus detect Windows Defender as a trojan?

It's just a conflict. No need to remove anything that is Microsoft certified.It will happen to any other anti-virus program like Norton, McAfee, avast and so on. It's just business nothing personal... Read More »

How do i get rid of a Windows Defender prompt which appears at start up. The prompt is:Windows Defender?

Remove Windows Defender using the Add/Remove Programs option within your Control Panel.

Window defender i have windows vista 64 bit, my window defender is turned off when i wanted to turn it on from?

you must be using another antivirus so that sometime it blocks another program to function...

Is Windows Defender compatible with Windows 2000 Professional?

The Windows Defender program is not compatible with versions of Windows 2000 Professional. Windows Defender is only compatible with the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP Servic... Read More »