I have £600. I want to film low-budget music videos. Recommend a camcorder for me?

Answer The audio is at least as important as the video for your application and this is where a typical consumer camcorder will fall down. You can see this on Youtube where people have filmed a gig and th... Read More »

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I want to buy a camera but want to film videos too...?

As far as the video capabilities: you want good video quality so think about pixel count and frame rate. VGA with a 640x480 recording is better than QVGA and you want at least 30fps or better (fr... Read More »

I want to buy a good, affordable and handy camcorder. My budget is around 8k to 10k.preferred brands canon and?

Sorry dear.. but i don't think u can buy a good deal for yourself in a restricted budget and brand. This goes well for a digital camera. But still, you can visit : Read More »

Can I avoid YouTube taking music off the videos if I were to buy any music or song that I want?

No, not in the way you're saying. Buying a song or music only allows you to play that music for personal use, it doesn't buy any right or permissions to the song, to use it in youtube videos or to ... Read More »

Camcorder or dslr under 2000 Music Videos, interviews, and more..?

I agree with Brice that a dSLR is a poor choice.Your budget is "prosumer". The best video quality in the largest "window" will be the device that has the largest lens filter diameter + largest imag... Read More »