I have 5 months left on my braces! Is that long ?

Answer hang in there! You will soon be free!

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Lymph node from more than 2 or 3 months just check largest is 2.5cmin left side neck left arm heavy?

Hi Anee, swollen lymph nodes can have several causes like allergies,some kind of infection. That would be scary and your feelings are quite mormal. I will be honored to pray for you.Dear Father i... Read More »

I'm 13 and going to get braces in two months ?

I had 4 teeth cut out for mine, same reason, to many teeth.. It didn't hurt at all, no kidding. I thought I was going to be in pain from that, nope. Now the braces, they hurt every time you go and ... Read More »

Help I'm getting braces in 3 months ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

Hey Maddie!DON'T WORRY braces are fine. Well, they are a bit annoying but don't worry about it.I think pink and green would look great although may I reccomend rainbow colours... :)They put them on... Read More »

I just got chains on my braces I have had them on about 7 months?

Take an advil and try to go to sleep. The pain will go away in about a day or two.