I have 5 months left on my braces! Is that long ?

Answer hang in there! You will soon be free!

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If a doctor told u that u only have a few months left to live what things would u do?

I would not go around asking for pity and asking others for sweet words, thats for sure.

How long do you have to wear braces to fix a gap in your teeth and is there anything else that will fix them?

AnswerHow long depends on lots of things, but 2 years is average. Althought if a gap is the only thing that needs "fixed", it will probably be much shorter. You could also possibly have the gap fix... Read More »

I just got chains on my braces I have had them on about 7 months?

Take an advil and try to go to sleep. The pain will go away in about a day or two.

You have no syntoms that you know of your breast are not sore you have been on clomid for four months for the past two months your period was on time now you are 10 days late you took a pregnancy test?